Have you lost your vehicle owner’s manual? If so, you may not have forgotten how to drive or pump gas, but maybe you’re not sure how often you should change the oil. Or what size tires you should purchase? Or how much air pressure you should pump into those tires. No worries, Cranberry Auto Service Center in Westminster, MD knows all those secrets to extending your vehicle’s road-life. If you don’t have a dedicated technician who you trust, you might be using old wive’s tales to guide your auto maintenance decisions. All of our customers are able to separate the mandatory from the suggested from the myths. Here are the Top 5 Auto Care Maintenance Myths. 


You Need to Warm Up Your Engine

Surely, you’ve heard this myth before, and probably believed it to be true; especially during the winter months. This myth makes sense, but it’s just not completely true. The part that’s not true is the engine part. It’s no secret that cold weather can have adverse effects on your vehicle. That’s why many people believe the myth that the engine needs to be warmed up before driving away. Now the part that’s true, is that your vehicle’s mechanical parts need to warm up in order to operate efficiently. But your vehicle’s operation is how they warm up. Ultimately, all running your engine does is waste gas. 


Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

Sure, changing your oil every 3,000 miles was the golden rule, 40-50 years ago. Automobile engineers and manufacturers continue to build engines that are more efficient. And the use of synthetic motor oils have made it possible for engines to operate at optimum levels for longer intervals between oil changes. Of course, if your job is to provide oil changes or sell motor oil, you don’t mind this myth at all. But Cranberry Auto Service Center’s technicians recommend following the manufacturer’s suggestions found in your owner’s manual. Keep our trustworthy technicians on speed dial. We won’t let any bygone myths steer you wrong. 


Auto Service at an Independent Shop Will Void Your Warranty

No telling how this myth got started. Vehicle owners may be under the impression that their vehicle’s warranty can only be protected and preserved by bringing the vehicle back to the dealer for services. Your vehicle’s warranty covers any services provided by any auto repair shop until the end of the warranty’s time period. As long as routine maintenance services are being provided, they will be covered by the warranty. Remember that vehicle owners should not get “creative”with routine maintenance services. Visit Cranberry Auto Service Center in Westminster, MD, with or without a vehicle warranty, for any of your auto service needs.


All Four Tires Should Be Replaced at Same Time

Vehicle tires are often overlooked; whether failing to inflate tires to the correct psi, or ignoring the tire tread wear until it’s too late. But whenever it’s time for a tire replacement, it’s only a myth that you need to replace the complete set of four at the same time. You can replace individual tires as needed. Sure, you would be giving your vehicle a fresh, new set look and ride with new tires, but that’s unnecessarily expensive. Get your money’s worth out of your tire purchases by adhering to effective tire maintenance like timely tire rotations and tire pressure checks. Tires can also be repaired instead of replaced after a tire puncture.


Turning Off the A/C Will Save Gas

This is another common myth that’s based on a half-truth. It’s true that your vehicle burns fuel more quickly whenever you are blasting the A/C. But the alternative to turning on the air conditioner does not save you gas. If you’re turning off your vehicle’s air conditioner, you will probably want to roll down the window. That’s NOT more fuel efficient. The truth is that the engine is forced to work harder when pushed against wind resistance created by the open window. At the end of the day, you’re better off concentrating on your comfort, because neither rolling down the window or turning off the A/C has any real benefit. Visit the service experts at Cranberry Auto Service Center in Westminster, MD


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