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Have you lost your vehicle owner’s manual? If so, you may not have forgotten how to drive or pump gas, but maybe you’re not sure how often you should change the oil. Or what size tires you should purchase? Or how much air pressure you should pump into those tires. No worries, Cranberry Auto Service Center in Westminster, MD knows all those secrets to extending your vehicle’s road-life. If you don’t have a dedicated technician who you trust, you might be using old wive’s tales to guide your auto maintenance decisions. All of our customers are able to separate the mandatory from the suggested from the myths. Here are the Top 5 Auto Care Maintenance Myths.  IT’S ONLY A MYTH: You Need to Warm Up Your Engine Surely, you’ve heard this myth before, and probably believed it to be true; especially during the winter months. This myth makes sense, but it’s just not completely true. The part that’s not true is the engine part. It’s no secret that cold weather can have adverse effects on your ... read more


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