Prioritize Your Car and Your Safety

Whether you are driving to a company-determined destination or driving a truck with other cars on your trailer, fleet driving has much more responsibility than the average driver. All of the standard car precautions and maintenance should remain. Still, this is amplified further by your responsibility to be on time or to get other cars there safely for fleet drivers. Here are some tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that you can fulfill your duties as a fleet driver.

Schedule Around Fatigue

Tired fleet drivers are not as alert to their surroundings, and while some accidents may not be your fault, it will always be a benefit to prevent them. If you can sleep early and wake up early so that you drive during the morning when the roads are empty, and you are waking up, then later on in the day when you have been on the road longer. The sun comes up, and you can get extra energy from the daylight.

If your schedule isn’t that flexible, then make sure you get plenty of sleep to drive without suffering from fatigue. Some drivers benefit more from taking short breaks depending on their temperaments. Find what schedule or behaviors provide you the most energy and stick to them not to sacrifice your safety.

Provide Fleet Maintenance

Every car needs to be maintained to perform well. When your car is part of your job, you may forget about the car after hours are over. Fleet maintenance is just as necessary as your vehicle, but you may not be as invested in it. If your company provides their fleet with the care they need, then you should take advantage of it when you can. If not, then make the more efficient routine checks such as cleaning the engine, keeping the tire pressure balanced, and ensuring the brake pads aren’t thin.

Adhere to Road Rules

Everyone should obey speed limits and use defensive driving, but maintaining the speed limit is more important for a fleet driver. If you are driving with your company, there is no rush to make it there before everyone else. If you take the same route as everyone else and there is unexpected traffic, you won’t be late if everyone else is late, too. Suppose you don’t have enough time to get to your destination. In that case, it is out of your control, no need to endanger your life for unrealistic expectations.

If you require fleet maintenance or repair in Westminster, MD, come to Cranberry Auto Service Center, where we provide the speed of service your fleet needs. Call us at (443) 201-7572 to learn more or to schedule service.

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